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Which Wiper Blades are the Best?

which wiper blade is the best

We get asked all the time ‘which wiper blades are the best’ for my car. There are a few types of wiper blades to choose from. 

Standard Conventional Wiper Blade

Standard wiper blades are the most common type of windscreen wiper, often referred to as looking like a coat hanger and are still fitted to the majority of new vehicles, although this is in decline due to its unpleasant appearance and modern vehicles have a more flat windscreen. This type of wiper blade is usually attached to the vehicle using a hook shape wiper arm fitting. These blades can be difficult to refill, water through the frame of the wiper blade during heavy rain fall which makes it ineffective.

Hybrid Wiper Blade

Hybrid wiper blades are similar to the conventional wiper blades as shown above, they look different because they have a plastic covering to make them look more appealing but still suffer the same problem as the conventional wiper blade where water makes it through the frame of the wiper blade.



Flat Beam Wiper Blade

Flat wiper blades feature a totally new style with new technology and are fast becoming the standard fit on new vehicles. These types of wiper blades do not have a metal ‘coat hanger’ shaped frame. Instead they have a tensioned metal strip running within the rubber structure of the wiper blade. This design allows for a flatter aerodynamic shape which reduces wind noise. The internal metal strip applies constant pressure along the length of the blade and has a built in spoiler.


UNIWIPER Refillable Premium Wiper Blades

Our wiper blades provide all the benefits of conventional, hybrid, and regular flat beam wiper blades. Our blades are more compact than your average flat beam wiper blade providing less obstruction to the drivers vision, they also feature dual pre-tensioned carbon steel internal spring which applies more pressure to your windscreen and does not warp with heat. We have also gone a step further and have made our wiper blades refillable, allowing you to replace the wiper rubber when its worn out, this reduces our footprint on the environment, and reduces your vehicle running cost. 


Now that you know which wiper blades to buy, are you ready for fresh, innovative wiper blades? Select your vehicle below to get started.