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Do You Also Sell Wiper Blade Refills?

wiper blade refills

Yes, we sure do. You can find the link to them here. They are suitable only for our refillable wiper blades. If you’ve made a purchase in the past and ordered refills with them, then you would have received refillable blades


Why not? 😂 A refillable wiper will reduce the running costs of owning a vehicle and there is far less waste going to landfill. A win for mother nature and your back pocket! Lets all do our part

Will this feature affect the wiper performance?

No, it will not affect the performance of the wiper. We have made a cutout in the pretensioned steel which allows the wiper rubber to be removed and replaced with ease.

How about refills for rear wipers?

Currently wiper blade refills are only available for front wipers. Rear wiper blade refills are something we are working on.