Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy from us?

– Our wipers are extensively tested in Australian conditions
– We offer a 101 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re confident you will enjoy the wipers and make the most out of them for a long time.
– Our wipers are refillable so next time your wipers are not doing so well, remove the wiper rubber and replace it with another one. We offer a pair of refills for only $25 delivered.
– We offer an encrypted ordering portal so you can rest assured details are safe and secure
– We will ship your order using only Australia Post. We no longer use Fastway and Couriers Please.
– Parcels Packed Same Day, usually within the hour.
– We use unbranded eco-friendly recycled cardboard boxes that you can re-use again and again.
– Thousands of satisfied customers. Why? Because customers drive our business.
– We also have a warehouse in Sydney that you can visit if you wish to. Address is 4/19-21 Seton Road Moorebank NSW 2170
– We can be contacted via email, facebook or you can call us on 1300001711 (a number that is actually answered, available 9-5 Monday-Friday)

Are your wipers refillable and how much do refills cost?

YES! and it’s super easy and environmentally responsible. We offer a pair of wiper refills for only $25 delivered. Click here for more information.

What happens if they don’t fit?

MONEY BACK! If they don’t fit, we will either send replacements to fix the problem or give you a full refund, we only ask that you make contact if you have installation issues so we can help resolve them.

Is it easy to install your wiper blades?

YES! it’s super easy. When you receive your wipers, you will see its simple as lifting your wiper arm, un-clipping your old wipers and clipping in the new wipers. If your wiper has a more unique wiper attachment, you can replace it with the correct attachment from the box, pull off the old one and clip on the new one.

My vehicle is top of the range model (eg. ST-X, Executive, GTI, Sport, R, RS, STI, WRX). Are you sure these wipers will fit my car?

YES! 99.99% of wipers between variants are all the same, there is usually nothing different between the base model and the highest spec model. If there are any differences, we will make the option available in the vehicle selector form.

My vehicle is fitted with rain sensing wipers, are your wiper blades compatible?

YES! All wipers our wipers are compatible with all vehicles including those fitted with rain sensors.

When will you send my wipers?

WITHIN 4 HOURS. All orders are packed same day WITHIN 4 hours, orders that are placed before 3pm EST (Mondays to Friday) are collected same business day by Australia Post. We no longer use Couriers Please or Fastway Couriers.

When will I receive my wipers?

We send all orders via Australia Post at no extra charge. You can upgrade to Australia Post Express for $9.5. Standard Delivery usually takes 2-3 days and Express usually takes 1-2 business days with the exemption of Western Australia and Regional Areas, this estimation depends on your delivery location and peak periods. All deliveries are tracked and insured for loss or damage.

How much does shipping cost?

FREE. We offer Free Delivery on all orders. You can upgrade to Express for $9.5 extra.

Are you sure these wipers will fit my vehicle?

YES! We have spent countless hours on research ensuring the wipers listed on our website are correct. If they don’t fit, we will either send replacements to fix the problem or give you a full refund;
we only ask that you make contact if you have installation issues so we can help resolve them.

How long will the wipers last?

A LONG TIME! Our wiper blades can last 12 months with correct wiper care by cleaning the windscreen and wiper blade every few weeks with warm soapy water followed by rubbing alcohol to remove all foreign matter. Avoid parking under trees and leafy areas as they can damage the wiper rubber; the wiper rubber is a soft material made from natural rubber mixed with carbon black and graphite. Our common dual spring beam wiper are refillable meaning you can remove the old wiper rubber and insert a new wiper rubber. No need to buy a new wiper blade every time they’re worn out, not only does this reduce ongoing vehicle maintenance cost, it also significantly reduces environmental impact.

Are your wiper blades recyclable?

YES! You can recycle various components by pulling apart the metal and plastics and disposing of the materials separately. Alternative, re-purpose worn wipers as squeegees in your shower or for washing windows!

Are these wipers OEM?

NO. Only genuine wipers from your vehicle manufacturer are OEM. The abbreviation for OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means the parts are made directly by the car manufacturer, also known as genuine parts. The cost for genuine OEM wiper blades can range from $100 to $350. If anyone promotes their product as OEM, be very careful. If you want honest automotive advise and an awesome product; you’ve come to the right place.