About Us

UNIWIPER began selling wiper blades over 10 years ago. We found a critical problem with the way wiper blades were being sold, even until today. You had to make your way to your nearest auto parts store and figure out which sizes you needed and ones that would connect to your wiper arm, if you also needed a rear wiper blade, that was usually a special order, adding more frustration to the entire process.

To date, we offer the easiest way to find and buy wiper blades for all cars. All you need to do is select your make, model, and year. Most front blades that we offer are eco-friendly by making them refillable and recyclable, less of an impact on the environment, and less damage to your wallet.

And what do we mean by eco-friendly? Our wiper blades can be refilled, so buy them today and then next year, you can refill them saving you money and our overall footprint on the environment, no need to buy a new wiper assembly every time its worn out.

In addition to this, they can also be recycled. When you’ve decided its lived a purpose-filled life, you can easily pull them apart and recycle each component. Discard into your recycle bin along with plastic bottles and metal cans.