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It all started back in 2005 when I owned a Volkswagen Polo GTI. Fast forward 6 months, it had wiper blades were showing signs of wear, Volkswagen wanted $90 per side, $180. A hefty price for wiper blades. Trying to save money because I’m a student. I popped over to my nearest auto parts store, $80 later, got myself a pair of “high quality” wiper blades is what they called them.

Slapped them on, they were good for about a week, they started shuddering, squeaking.. uhhh… may aswell burn my money in my back yard.. Wiped them down, cleaned them, no difference..

I couldn’t bring myself to walk into the store, feel like a complete idiot waving around wiper blades demanding a refund like an angry customer, this wasnt me.

I had to do something about it. I couldn’t be the only one in this situation..

I started designing a wiper blade, had it manufactured, and started selling them on ebay, as time passed, our design got better and so did the performance and longevity of our wiper blades.

A few years later, we established our brand uniwiper and started our online store providing premium wiper blades that are ecofriendly and refillable.

We don’t refer to customers as customers, we refer to them as supporters because they support our idea, our cause and our business by purchasing from us and thats what counts, even if it takes delivering the goods ourselves or installing the wipers, we’re happy to do so.

And what do we mean by ecofriendly? Our wiper blades can be refilled, so buy them today and then next year, you can refill them saving you money and our footprint on the environment, no need to buy a new wiper assembly every time its worn out.

In addition to this, they can also be recycled. When you’ve decided its lived a purpose filled life, you can easily pull them appart and recycle every component. Discard into your recycle bin along with plastic bottles and metal cans.


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