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What happens if you don’t replace your wiper blades?

Learn About Windshield Wipers

Your wiper blades remain hidden away from visibility until you need them to do their job.

As you know, your vehicle requires regular maintenance;

  • Engine needs clean oil for lubrication and keeping components clean
  • Engine needs coolant fluid to keep the temperatures regulated
  • Washer fluid to lubricate the washer fluid pump, remove bugs and improve visibility
  • Fuel to keep the engine running
  • Wipers to see what’s ahead and where you are going

For the wiper blades to effectively do their job, they need to be maintained well and if your wiper blades are left unchanged for too long, you will eventually damage your windscreen (costing you $400+ for a replacement windscreen) and it could be putting you and others at risk.

Over time, the soft rubber material that glides over your windscreen will turn hard and can scratch the windscreen.

Worn wiper blades can rip, break loose from the arm. This can actually cause damage to your windshield, as the metal or hard plastic of the arm scrapes across the glass.

If the scratches are deep, it will require a windscreen replacement costing you $400+. The deep scratches can come from the rubber exposing the metal frame.

If the scratches are light and cannot be felt, removing with a polishing is possible. Experts can charge well over $100 to polish glass to remove scratches.

It makes sense to maintain your wiper blades and improve visibility to see where you are going.

Avoid damage to your windscreen and serious harm to you and others.

Make sure your car has fresh wiper blades for optimal visibility. Select your car below to get started.