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How do I know when my wiper blades need changing?

Windscreen Wipers

Windshield wipers are a very important but typically can be an overlooked part of your vehicles safety. Specifically, this is the squeegee-looking item that makes contact with your windscreen to get rid of water from your vision. This device ought to work moreover as attainable to confirm that you just have a clean and clear reading while driving.

Just like almost every item on your car, it has a limited life span. They’re perpetually exposed to the setting and may be broken over time by cold, dirt, frost, heat, ice, insects, and dirt to the point that they lose their effectiveness. As a result most of the selections you create as a driver are formed by what you see through the windshield, it’s vital that your wiper blades work properly. 

Poor vision is chargeable for any accidents that occur in weather conditions, and lots of those accidents are known to be preventable if the driving force features a clear reading.

What are the signs that the wiper blades ought to be replaced?

If you have got issues seeing through the windscreen when the wiper blades are in motion, and you’ve tried cleaning your wiper blades, then its highly likely your wiper blades need replacing, there are some explanations for some problems that may arise, these are noted below;


The crossbeam effect is usually the result of wear or damage to the wiper blade frame. In this instance, replacing the wiper rubber alone won’t fix the problem, you will need to replace the entire wiper blade.


Skipping is when the wiper blades jump as they are in operation, this is due to loss in wiper blade lubrication. Most wiper blades are coated with teflon and/or graphite to help them glide over the windscreen to provide you with quiet operation and when these wear out over time, it leads to a noisy wiper blade.


Streaking is when the wiper blade is leaving lines all over your windscreen, this can be caused by; a dirty windscreen, a dirty/damaged wiper blade, or a old/worn wiper blade. We suggest lifting both wiper blades away from the windscreen, cleaning the windscreen using a microfiber towel and also cleaning the wiper blade rubber using warm soapy water.

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Extreme temperatures can cause the wiper frame to deform, this is why some people leave the wiper arm up when its snowing or on extremely hot days, this helps with prolonging the life of the wiper blade however this can stretch the spring inside the wiper arm causing wiper blade tension issues. To avoid such problems, its best to keep your wiper blade on the windscreen and park your car in the shade to avoid excessive heat. 

How long do the wiper blades last?

A good set of wipers typically lasts 6 to 12 months and if your wiper blades are exposed harsher adverse conditions, it may wear them out much sooner.

Its always important to keep your wiper blades and windscreen clean to avoid any damage to your windscreen. For instance, if you’ve spent the day at the beach and your windscreen has come in contact with sand, combine that with a wiper blade and it can become a disaster leaving you with a scratched windscreen.