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What are the best wiper blades for a car?

Types of Windshield Wipers

We get asked a lot, what are the best blades for my car? The question may be as simple as buying any wiper blade but its not that simple, much like choosing a car, you need to pick the right one for your needs.

We are going to compare Standard Conventional, Beam, Hybrid and Rear Wiper Blades; and compare the differences between them and how they differ.

Standard Conventional Wiper Blades are found on most vehicles that roll off the factory floor; for the most part, the vehicle manufacturer fits your car with wiper blades so they are complaint with local laws. These wiper blades are mainly constructed from regular steel that is painted and allow water to pass through the assembly during rain fall which can affect your visibility while driving

Hybrid Wiper Blades are very similar to Standard Conventional Wiper Blades, the metal is covered in plastic to make it them look better and to be sold at a higher price, the functionality is very much the same as Standard Conventional Wiper Blades.

Rear Wiper Blades are best to be kept as original, our replacements are just like OEM, the only difference is the rear wiper blades that we provide, use premium wiper rubber.

Beam Wiper Blades are simple in construction with steel inside and plastic covering to reduce manufacturing cost and impact on environment.

The difference with our blades is they are Twin Internal Pre-tensioned Anti-Rust Carbon Steel Curved for Maximum Contact with Premium Wiper Blade Rubber, Low Mounted Connection so they are away from your visibility and an Aerodynamic Spoiler to Add Wiping Pressure and Reduce Wind Lift so they wipe better and last longer providing you with a better driving experience.

Manufacturers are spending less money on components to save money and remain competitive and wiper blades have suffered as a result. In the past 4-5 years, manufacturers are spending less money on components to save money and remain competitive and wiper blades have suffered as a result. A good example is Mercedes Benz, if your a MB owner, you know the struggle of having OEM wiper blades and its quite sad, you fork out $150,000 for a car, and you get some components that don’t live up to your expectations. Conventional windscreen wipers have a simple rubber blade that is attached to a metal frame with many moving parts which can be susceptible to rust, wind noise and less water being wiped and can only last 3-6 months in some areas. We’ve fixed this problem by spending more on materials to provide you with the best blades possible so when its time to change your wiper blades, we’ve made it easy for you to find and purchase wiper blades.

If you live in a place with extreme winters or extreme rainfall, the windshield wiper may need to be replaced more frequently. In most moving vehicles, parts of the windscreen wipers no longer work and need to be replaced. It is safest to drive with a premium wiper that lasts longer which is more expensive than conventional wipers in the short run but in the long run, they are the best blade for the money you pay.

Ice, snow, extreme heat, sunshine and even the liquid you use to clean your windshield can damage the rubber. If you live in an area where snow or ice covers your windshield at night, preventing freezing can lift your blade off the glass at night however doing this can stretch the wiper arm spring causing less wiper arm pressure so its important to monitor if your wiper blade is leaving gaps in the middle of every wipe, this can be caused by the spring tension.

Its clear to see that beam (also known as aero) wiper blades are the best kind of wiper blade being a one piece design.

Go on, we dare you to try premium wiper blades. Select your car below and get started.