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How do you find the wiper blades you need?

Buy Windscreen Wipers

At times, you need to purchase things that aren’t extremely exciting. Fuel, vehicle repairs, and, obviously, insurance all make the list.

In any case, when you ponder these things, they’re fundamental for our lives today. Would you be able to envision existence without insurance or a vehicle to get you around? We dislike to pay for both of them, however without them, life would be seriously difficult.

One more thing on the rundown that is basic to remaining protected in our vehicles is windshield wipers. Windshield wipers get hammered from the elements. Soil, debris, and UV exposure add to the breakdown of the wiper blade rubber.

It has got to be the least exciting purchase you’ll ever make and we want to change that for you. We know you have other matters matters in your life that are more important than worrying about choosing wiper blades or driving to an auto parts store in your already limited time.

You have several options for obtaining wiper blades;

1. Auto Parts Store
You can visit an auto parts store if you don’t mind the rich dark dank smell with strong motor oil overtones and little to no floral to make your head spin. Where do you even start? Am I in the right department? The wiper catalogue never ends, its got over a gazillion pages! Hopefully the blades you matched with the catalogue are correct otherwise your coming back to swap them over. With every kind of product, you know, there are cheap and good versions, so its important to be sure you are getting the right product for your needs.

2. Check Your Owners Manual
You could check the owners which will specify the blades you need, usually coded with a dealer model number for each side that can be purchased from a dealer.

3. Measure the blades
You can measure the blades, however there are 20 to 30 different wiper arm connection types and will need to be matched up with a replacement. If its the wrong one, you’ll need to come back and get it matched up again. And in some cases, you could have wiper blades fitted to your car that are the wrong size which can add to the confusion so your measurements will already be wrong to begin with.

4. Dealer Service
Your nearest car dealer can replace your wiper blades at the next service, just make sure to get them quote for it so you are aware of the charges, otherwise you may leave shocked and disappointed.

5. Buy Online
Everyone today is purchasing wiper blades online because it saves a lot of time and money. You’ll be bombarded with choices and its important to buy from a reputable brand and online store otherwise you maybe stung and its not a nice feeling.

A few simple questions will help you separate the good from the bad, and pick out the scammers;

1. Do they have good Google reviews? or are their reviews hosted on their website and not visible anywhere else?
2. Can you call them? Did they pick up your call?
3. Do they have a physical address? Or is that not accessible?
4. Is it going to be easy to install or will you need to fiddle with all the clips?
5. What kind of guarantee/customer service do they have? Are they willing to fix any problems you have?

These are the kind of questions that you should ask yourself when you buy almost anything online, not just wiper blades. For wiper blades, we’ve made this once difficult process; super simple. All the research and hard work is already done with over 2000+ vehicle models in our database, all you need to do is select your vehicle from the list and buy the blades for your car. We will ship them  directly to you. The installation process is easy, its as simple as removing the old and connecting the new wiper blades; we have installation videos to this process easier.

In the meantime, why not check some of the premium car wiper blade replacements that UNIWIPER is offering? Select your vehicle below to get started.