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Wiper Refill for UNIWIPER Blades (Pair) - Fits Upto 28" - Bonus offer (Front Set)

Wiper Refill for UNIWIPER Blades (Pair) – Fits Upto 28″ – Bonus offer (Front Set)


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$25.00 Delivery and GST included
1298 Reviews
  • Free AusPost Delivery
  • Pay with PayPal or Afterpay
  • 5 Star Average Customer Rating
  • Perfect Fit Guaranteed
1298 Reviews
  • Free AusPost Delivery
  • Pay with PayPal or Afterpay
  • 5 Star Average Customer Rating
  • Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Eliminate Streaks And Smears From Your Windscreen. Enjoy A Crystal Clear Smooth And Super Quiet Wipe.

Wiper Refill for UNIWIPER Blades (Pair) – Fits Upto 28″ – Bonus offer (Front Set)

Premium Quality Wiper Blades for your misc misc . Upgrade your misc wiper blades for clear vision, improved safety and drive in complete comfort. Easy to install, replace your old wipers in seconds. Wiper blades that fit perfectly and look great. Our perfect fitment guarantee ensures the fitment of misc misc wiper blades purchased for your misc will fit as promised. Don’t pay over $200 at a misc dealership for wiper blades. Save time and money today!

Blade Specifications
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  • Model :misc
These wipers will seamlessly fit your :

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Wiper Refill for UNIWIPER Blades (Pair) – Fits Upto 28″ – Bonus offer (Front Set)

Not the right vehicle? Click Here

Eliminate Streaks And Smears From Your Windscreen. Enjoy A Crystal Clear Smooth And Super Quiet Wipe.

Premium Quality Wiper Blades for your misc misc . Upgrade your misc wiper blades for clear vision, improved safety and drive in complete comfort. Easy to install, replace your old wipers in seconds. Wiper blades that fit perfectly and look great. Our perfect fitment guarantee ensures the fitment of misc misc wiper blades purchased for your misc will fit as promised. Don’t pay over $200 at a misc dealership for wiper blades. Save time and money today!

Save Time, Money and Buy Online

We do all the hard work for you and send you the right wiper, no second guessing.

Quick and easy install

Anyone can do it. Our most senior customer is only 91 years young.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Our wiper blades are guaranteed to fit and work. Try them for 101 days.

No Mechanic or Special Tools Required

You wont need anything out of the ordinary to complete the install.

Ecofriendly, Refillable & Recyclable

Our wiper blades are innovative, refillable option and recyclable. No need to pledge money towards a kickstarter, we’ve already done it.

Complete Wiper Blades

All wiper blades are sold as a kit. Select between front, front and rear, or rear only. The selection varies between model and vehicle shape.

Simple and Easy Installation

Fits all hook arms and more! Easy Installation

How to fit
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12 month warranty
101 day test drive
Refillable option
Australian support
Free washer tablet with every order
Easy install
Perfect fit
Fast despatch
4.8 Star Reviews
Australian Owned

Product Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Lynette van Laatum
Lynette van Laatum
5 out of 5 stars
2 weeks ago
The wipers arrived promptly and they work well. We had a slight problem with the clip on the front wiper but using the clip from the old wiper solved the problem. The back wiper just clipped on with no problem. Very happy with the wipers.
Penelope North
Penelope North
5 out of 5 stars
2 weeks ago
These wiper blades are one piece, mostly rubber , so different to the factory ones on my KIA Sportage , we are a mechanic family and everyone thought they were great. More orders being made. Highly recommend. Quick post as well
Jill Inger
Jill Inger
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
I saw your ad on Facebook and I decided to give your wipers a go. I’m very impressed with them. I have just put them on to my car and I’m loving them. They were heaps better than normal wiper blades and I love them. I would never ever find anything like this, anywhere else but on Facebook thank you guys
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
Was experiencing a squeaky and vibrative bounce with my wiper blades, which made them annoying to use - bearing in mind the vehicle is only 9 months old. I purchased a set of UNIWIPER BLADES which arrived nicely packaged. Fitment was a snack, and the new wiper operate smoothly and silently. I highly recommend this product and seller.
Tracy Remington
Tracy Remington
5 out of 5 stars
a week ago
Had tried many auto stores. Supercheap, autobahn and it was only after I spoke to uniwiper that we were informed about the correct wipers for my Range Rover Sport. Ordered.delivery was fast and a perfect fit. What a great experience and a company with the right knowledge. Great customer service
Lauren Whalan
Lauren Whalan
5 out of 5 stars
a month ago
I would recommend UNIWIPER to everyone. The customer service was beyond amazing. I originally stupidly ordered the incorrect blades to fit my car model and the UNIWIPER team went above and beyond to help me out and ensure I got the correct blades. The order arrived so quick (actually couldn't be quicker as came the next day) and the blades are a superior premium product. I will definitely be getting all my blades from UNIWIPER in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from us?

Experience excellence with UNIWIPER wiper blades. Trusted by over 500 thousand satisfied customers, we’ve earned our reputation by delivering outstanding performance.

Real-World Performance Testing – We don’t just rely on lab tests; we put our wiper blades to the test on real Australian streets. Perfect fitment and spotless windshields are guaranteed.

Our Core Goals – We focus on delivering the right product quickly, offering eco-friendly solutions, and helping you save money. With our wiper blades, everyone benefits.

Refillable Wiper Blades – Choose between two types of blades: refillable and non-refillable. To ensure you receive refillable wiper blades, purchase them with refills. Easily replace the wiper rubber when needed.

Affordable Refills – Get a pair of refills for only $25, including delivery. Even if purchased separately, it’s a great deal at $35. Keep your windshield clear without breaking the bank.

Efficient Ordering and Delivery – Order securely through our encrypted portal. We pack and dispatch parcels within the hour, ensuring quick and safe delivery via Australia Post.

Convenient Click and Collect – If you’re in Sydney, enjoy the convenience of click and collect at our Condell Park warehouse from 9 am to 3 pm. Just call ahead for a seamless experience.

Contact Us – Ready to upgrade your wipers? Contact us via email or call 1300 001 711 during business hours. Get ready for a crystal-clear windshield – an improved driving experience awaits!

Are you sending me only the rubber or the complete wiper arm with rubber inserted?

Our primary offering consists of the complete wiper blade assembly, designed to deliver top-notch performance. On the product page, you’ll find three options to choose from: the front pair, the rear-only option, or the comprehensive front and rear full set.

Replacing your old wiper blades with our cutting-edge products is a breeze. Simply unclip your old blades, and with ease, clip on our new wiper blades for an instant upgrade. It’s that simple!

Now, let’s talk about our refill option. If you decide to purchase only refills, rest assured that you’ll receive exactly what you need – high-quality refills that ensure optimal performance.

At UNIWIPER, we take pride in providing you with hassle-free solutions to enhance your driving experience. Join our satisfied customers and equip your vehicle with the finest wiper blade assembly today!

How much does shipping cost?


At UNIWIPER, we believe in transparency and simplicity. When you spend over $25 on our products, we include the shipping cost in the price. That way, you can shop with confidence, knowing there are no hidden surprises or additional charges at checkout.

Experience the convenience of straightforward pricing and FREE shipping when you choose UNIWIPER for your wiper blade needs. Shop now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you’re paying for!

What are your delivery options? At UNIWIPER, we proudly offer Free Delivery on all orders when spending more than $25! Your items will be promptly shipped daily using reliable Australia Post services. If you need your order even faster, you can upgrade to Express Postage for just an extra $7.95. If you prefer a different courier system, please reach out to us.

Where do you ship from? Rest assured, all our products are shipped locally from our efficient Condell Park warehouse, guaranteeing swift and seamless delivery.

At UNIWIPER, we’re dedicated to ensuring your shopping experience is effortless and stress-free. That’s why we’ve streamlined our delivery process to meet your needs. Bid farewell to shipping fees and say hello to convenience with our Free Delivery option. And if you’re in a hurry, our Express Postage upgrade ensures your items arrive promptly for just $7.95 extra.

Shop confidently with UNIWIPER, knowing that your orders will be handled with care and dispatched promptly through Australia Post. We take pride in delivering quality products from our Condell Park warehouse right to your doorstep.

Discover the ease and efficiency of shopping with UNIWIPER today!

What happens if they don’t fit?

We take pride in crafting exceptional products that rarely encounter any issues. Countless hours have been dedicated to ensuring their flawless performance. However, should you ever experience any unforeseen hiccups, rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

Simply let us know if you encounter any fitment issues, and our dedicated team will swiftly sort them out for you. Our commitment to your satisfaction knows no bounds.

But here’s the best part – if, by some rare chance, we can’t resolve the matter, we’ll go the extra mile. We’ll gladly organize a free return and ensure you receive a full refund without any hassle, that’s our promise.

Your happiness and contentment are our top priorities. Experience UNIWIPER’s unwavering assurance and join our community of delighted customers today!

Are your wipers refillable and how much do refills cost?

YES! Discover the innovation of our refillable front wiper blades that are guaranteed to change the way you experience driving. Say goodbye to traditional wiper blades that wear out quickly and hello to the cost-effective and eco-friendly solution offered by UNIWIPER.

Unlock the Secret to Cost-Effective Driving:
Most of our front wiper blades are thoughtfully designed to be refillable, ensuring a lasting performance that surpasses ordinary wipers. Find all the essential details about our refillable wiper blades on our product page.

Exclusive Offer: Pair of Wiper Refills for just $25 – Delivered!
When you purchase our premium wiper blades, we reward you with an irresistible deal – a pair of wiper refills for only $25, delivered right to your doorstep. Embrace the convenience of having refillable blades and save big on replacements. Take advantage of this exclusive offer now to ensure your wiper blades remain refillable for the long haul. Click here to grab the deal!

Don’t Settle for Less – Choose UNIWIPER Refills:
We take pride in providing you with options. Our wiper blades come in two types, both refillable, to cater to your specific needs. Opt for the perfect match for your vehicle and enjoy unparalleled performance.

Avoid Costly Pitfalls – Don’t Use Our Refills on Incompatible Brands:
To ensure your safety and maintain the longevity of our products, we strongly advise against using our wiper refills on other wiper brands or models. Trust in UNIWIPER’s expertise to keep your driving experience smooth and hassle-free.

Upgrade your driving experience today with UNIWIPER’s revolutionary refillable wiper blades. Embrace the future of driving technology and bid farewell to the inconvenience of frequent wiper replacements. Click now for more information and secure your pair of UNIWIPER Refills at an unbeatable price!

Is it easy to install your wiper blades?

YES! Say goodbye to complicated installations! With UNIWIPER, installing your wiper blades is an absolute breeze. Experience the sheer simplicity of upgrading your wipers and enjoy crystal-clear visibility in no time.

Why struggle with tricky installations when you can have a hassle-free experience? When you unwrap your UNIWIPER package, you’ll be delighted to find that fitting them is as easy as 1-2-3. Just lift your wiper arm, un-clip your old blades, and effortlessly clip in your new UNIWIPER blades.

Join the countless satisfied customers who have already upgraded their driving experience with UNIWIPER. Don’t let cumbersome installations rain on your parade. Embrace the ease and convenience of UNIWIPER today!

Upgrade your wipers effortlessly with UNIWIPER – Drive with clarity, drive with confidence.

My vehicle is top of the range model (eg. ST-X, Executive, GTI, Sport, R, RS, STI, WRX). Are you sure these wipers will fit my car?

Absolutely! You can trust UNIWIPER to fit your car flawlessly. In fact, 99% of our wipers are universally designed to fit across various vehicle variants. No matter if you own the base model or the highest spec model, UNIWIPER has got you covered!

And just to be extra sure, we’ve made it super convenient for you. Our intuitive vehicle selector form allows you to choose your car model precisely, ensuring a perfect match. So say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to crystal-clear visibility on the road!

Upgrade to UNIWIPER today and experience the ultimate driving clarity tailored to your remarkable vehicle. Drive confidently, rain or shine!

My vehicle is fitted with rain sensing wipers, are your wiper blades compatible?

YES! Discover the perfect match for your rain-sensing wiper equipped vehicle! Embrace ultimate compatibility with UNIWIPER – our wiper blades are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with all vehicles, including those equipped with rain sensors. Drive with confidence and experience the unrivaled performance of UNIWIPER, the ideal choice for every weather condition.

When will you post my wipers?

Experience the swift fulfillment of your order with UNIWIPER! We guarantee all orders placed before 2pm EST (Monday to Friday) will be packed same day and ready to go, most orders are packed within an impressive 4 hours. Plus, for added convenience, Australia Post promptly collects your order the same business day. Get ready to receive your UNIWIPER products in no time!

When will I receive my wipers?

Get your UNIWIPER delivered hassle-free with Australia Post at no additional cost. Want it even faster? Upgrade to Australia Post Express for just $7.95. With Standard Delivery taking only 2-3 days and Express Delivery zipping to you in 1-2 business days (excluding Western Australia and Regional Areas), we’ve got your back. Rest assured, your delivery is fully tracked and insured against any loss or damage. Order now and experience swift, worry-free shipping!

Are you sure these wipers will fit my vehicle?

YES! At UNIWIPER, we’ve invested extensive time and effort into meticulous research to guarantee that the wipers listed on our website are a perfect match for your vehicle. No more guessing games! In the rare event that they don’t fit, we’ll swiftly send you replacements to ensure everything works flawlessly. And rest assured, if any concerns arise, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our priority, and if, by any chance, we can’t resolve the issue, we’ll gladly organize a hassle-free return and refund process. Your peace of mind matters to us! For further information, feel free to check out our comprehensive returns policy located at the bottom of every page. Drive with confidence – choose UNIWIPER today!

How long will the wipers last?

UNIWIPER’s high-quality wiper blades are engineered to last for an impressive 12 months, given proper wiper care. By following a simple routine of cleaning your windscreen and wiper blades every few weeks with warm soapy water, followed by rubbing alcohol to eliminate any foreign matter, you can enjoy their long-lasting performance.

Say goodbye to frequent replacements and unnecessary expenses! Opt for our refillable blades, which negate the need to purchase new wiper blades every time they wear out. Not only does this smart choice reduce ongoing vehicle maintenance costs, but it also makes a significant positive impact on the environment.

Remember, to further extend their lifespan, it’s best to avoid parking under trees and leafy areas as such environments can damage the wiper rubber. Our wiper blades feature a soft, yet durable material made from a blend of natural rubber, carbon black, and graphite, ensuring superior performance and reliability throughout their long service life. Choose UNIWIPER for ultimate durability, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

Are these wipers OEM?

Only genuine wipers from your vehicle manufacturer are OEM. The abbreviation for OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means the parts are made directly by the car manufacturer, also known as genuine parts. The cost for genuine OEM wiper blades can range from $100 to $350. If you need genuine, you need to buy directly from the dealer.

Are your wiper blades recyclable?

YES! You can recycle various components by pulling apart the metal and plastics and disposing of the materials separately. Alternative, re-purpose worn wipers as squeegees in your shower or for washing windows!

Are your prices in AUD or USD and do they include TAX?

Our prices are in Australian Dollars AUD and include Goods and Services Tax. You will receive an invoice after purchasing. ABN 48644326269. Our business address is 12/35 Birch St Condell Park NSW 2200

Can I amend my order after placing the order?

We strive to send orders to our warehouse within 15 minutes for prompt packing. To ensure we can accommodate any amendments, kindly notify us as soon as possible. Delayed notifications may hinder our ability to make changes. Act swiftly for a seamless shopping experience!

Should I ceramic coat my front windscreen glass?

While it may seem tempting to coat your glass. Ceramic coating can lead to several issues like haze, squeaks, squeals, shudders, and clicks. Your choice, but our advice is to steer clear of it. Discover better solutions with UNIWIPER for a smoother drive.