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What happens if you fit a bigger wiper blade than standard sizes?

You might be tempted to instal a larger wiper blade on your car if you need new wiper blades. But is this a wise decision? Even though it might seem like a bigger wiper blade would work better, there are a few reasons why it’s not always the ideal option.

First and foremost, it can be detrimental to use a wiper blade that is larger than what is advised for your car. Too-large wiper blades might not fit snugly on the wiper arm, which could prevent them from making appropriate contact with the windscreen. Streaks, smears, and other sight concerns may arise from this, making it difficult for you to see clearly while driving.

Using a larger wiper blade than what is advised for your car can reduce visibility and put additional stress on the wiper motor. The motor may prematurely wear out as a result of this, necessitating expensive future repairs.

The fact that a larger wiper blade might not be shaped to fit your windscreen is another reason to avoid using one. Using a wiper blade that was not intended for your vehicle could lead to subpar performance because wiper blades are meticulously built to fit the precise curvature of a vehicle’s windscreen.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to use the wiper blade size that is suggested for your car. Your wiper blades will work at their best and last the longest if you do this. To get the maximum performance out of your wiper blades, always install them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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