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Does the bigger wiper blade usually go on the drivers side?

If you need new wiper blades, you could be unsure whether to put the larger wiper on the driver’s side. Yes, that is correct; the larger wiper blade should always be mounted on the car’s driver’s side.

However, why is that so? More work needs to be done by the driver’s side wiper blade than the passenger side wiper blade. It must clear more of the windscreen, including the region in front of the driver and the space around the driver’s side view mirror. Because of this, the driver’s side wiper blade needs to be larger in order to function properly.

The driver’s side wiper blade differs from the passenger side wiper blade not only in size but also in design. For maximum coverage and to fit the shape of the windscreen, it features a more pronounced curvature. This guarantees that the driver always has a clear view of the road.

It’s critical to select the appropriate wiper blades for your car when it’s time to replace your current ones. Always choose wiper blades that are made specifically for your car’s make and model, and instal them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To give the driver with the most visibility and safety, the larger wiper blade should always be placed on the driver’s side of the car. To ensure the optimum performance, make sure to pick the appropriate wiper blades for your car and instal them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.