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Water spots. How to identify and fix water spots?

What are water spots?

Water spots are round circles on glass stained onto the surface of the glass, some of them can be easy to remove with water and vinegar and some can be extremely difficult due to the way the windscreen was made.

How to remove water spot stains?

The best way to remove hard water spots is to use a glass polish containing cerium oxide or 100% cerium oxide mixed with a little water. You will need to rub the compound into the affected area by hand or by using a polishing machine.

A glass polish blend will contain silica powder,  talc powder, aluminized powder, ceramic clay and cerium oxide. Without a glass polish containing cerium oxide, it can be hard or impossible to remove the water spots.

To marry up with a good clean windscreen, its a good idea to get a fresh pair of wiper blades, select your car below;