How to Activate the Wiper Service Position?

This article applies to late vehicles with wipers concealed under the bonnet.

The wiper service position is used to put your wipers into a vertical position that makes them easily accessible. The wiper service position has other added value and can be used before de-icing your windscreen.

Most vehicles are made to allow the wiper blades to be lifted high enough to allow you to change your wiper blades but it can make a simple job very tedious. We have attached some vehicle guides to assist, they may not work with all models and may differ in some way, for additional information you can check your owner/service manual. The bonnet must be closed completely otherwise this may not work.

After you have placed your vehicle into the service position, leave the drivers door open; closing the door may deactivate the service position and return the wiper blade to its original service position which can cause damage to your vehicle if you are in the middle of changing your wiper blades or have left the wiper arms in their upright position.

Once you are done, place the wiper blades down onto the windscreen, turn on the vehicle, the wiper blades should return to the standard position. If your blades do not return to their standard position, activate the wiper blades as you would every other day.



Holding the stalk down then turning ignition off, whilst still holding it down, let go of the stalk when you have achieved the desired service position, some models will know when to stop. Activate wipers to return them to normal position.



Put the car into auxiliary mode, Turn the car completely off, Place the wipers into the ‘mist’ position twice within 30 seconds of turning off the vehicle. Activate wipers to return them to normal position.



Turn the car off, the dashboard will still be illuminated, press the start button 3 times (do not touch the brake pedal) and then firmly press the washer button until the wiper blades move to the service position. 



Make sure your auto wiper feature is switched off into the manual mode. Turn off your vehicle, then hold the wiper stalk on the steering column down for around 3 seconds. Activate wipers to return them to normal position.



Turn off your vehicle, Within 3 seconds, move the right steering wheel lever up and hold it for at least 1 second and the wipers will then move to the service position on the windshield. Activate wipers to return them to normal position.



To make wiper blades easy to access, turn off the wipers, shift Model S into Park, then use the touchscreen to move them to the service position. Touch Controls > Settings > Service & Reset > Service Mode > ON. Wipers will automatically return to their normal position when you shift Model S out of Park. Sometimes this mode is unavailable in certain scenarios where your door is open, bonnet is open etc.



Turn off vehicle, within 45 seconds move wiper mode to mist position and hold for 2 seconds or more. Activate wipers to return them to normal position.


Now that you know how to put your car into its service position. Do you need any fresh wiper blades? Select your vehicle below to get started.