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We are an Australian Owned Business located in Sydney supplying Premium Wiper Blades across Australia, New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom.

The entire concept came about when we found wiper blades offered by local automotive stores lacking innovation, longevity and were not suitable to 99% of vehicles on the road today. We began in 2006 selling wiper blades on eBay and migrated to our own online store in 2019. The concept is to provide a great product at half the price its offered at local auto stores with great customer service.


Wiper Blade Refills?

Do you also sell Wiper Blade Refills?

Yes, we sure do. You can find the link to them here. They are suitable only for our wiper blades.
Why not? A refillable wiper will reduce the running costs of owning a vehicle and there is far less waste going to landfill. A win for mother nature and the back pocket!

Wiper Blades

Safe Driving

Windscreen Wiper Blades, Roadworthiness and Safe Drving

One of the most important requirements for safe driving is having a clear view of the road ahead in all types of weather and driving conditions. We all understand the importance of a clean windscreen; yet often neglect checking that our windscreen wiper blades are in effective working condition –until we need them and it is too late!
There are many different types of wiper blades from a variety of manufacturers.


Get Your Premium Wiper Blades Across Australia

We offer a 101 day money back guarantee on all products sold. You can return the item for a refund or we can supply a replacement item, either way you know your safe buying from a reputable brand who’s goal is to get you the best wipers and provide extraordinary customer service!

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