Installation & Wiper Care

When installing your wipers, always protect your windscreen from damage in case the wiper arm snaps down to its original position. After installing your wipers, remove the protector cover from the wiper, this is installed from the factory to protect the integrity of the natural rubber.

Installation is easy. It’s as simple as removing the existing wiper and clipping on the new wiper.

Before and After Installation, it is a must that you care for your wiper by maintaining clean wipers and windscreen from any dust, dirt, tar, soot, leaves, etc.. Careful not to remove the graphite coat off your wipers, this is what keeps them quiet.


It’s scary to know that over 90% of our driving decisions are made based solely on visual information. One out of every five vehicles on the road has worn wiper blades; so when it’s raining, those with worn wipers are affected and could be in oncoming traffic heading in your direction.


Deficient windshield wipers can mean low or blocked visibility and are extremely frustrating and dangerous. Wiper blades that no longer make proper contact with the windshield surface can significantly impair your visibility as they streak, smear, chatter, skip and squeak.


It’s pretty clear— In order for you to safely react to what’s happening on the road, you need to be able to see what’s happening!

As a rule, wiper blades should be checked regularly and replaced every six months to 12 months.