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Top 5 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Wiper Blades

Maintaining your wiper blades

No matter what kind of wiper blades you have, the most obvious answer is to keep your wiper blades clean.

  1. Keep your windscreen and wiper blades maintained
    It goes without saying, a well maintained wiper blade and windscreen will extend the life of the wiper blade past its due date, you can do more to keep your car protected from the elements.
  2. Park in the shade
    A sheltered area such as a car port will help protect your windscreen and wiper blades from the most elements and most ultra violet exposure. A car port may only provide protection for part of the day as the sun passes over.
  3. Don’t park near any trees
    If you happen to park near or under any trees, you may have a windscreen and paint covered with drops of tree sap which is translucent and cannot be seen easily. If you activate your wiper blades and you can hear some light clicking sound, this is the sound of your wiper blades running over the drops of tree sap.
  4. Garage your vehicle
    The best way to keep your car protected from all environmental factors such as ultra violet exposure, leaves, tree sap, dirt is best to keep your vehicle garaged when not in use, especially when parked at work, or at the shops.
  5. Don’t use your wiper blades without water
    You might be doing this unintentionally, when you spray water and the wiper blades activate before the water has reached your windscreen is the most common type. There are some intelligent vehicles have water sensors in the washer water lines such as Mercedes and BMW that will only activate the wiper blades after spraying when it has detected water in the jets, to the onboard computer this means the windscreen is wet and the wiper blades can now activate.

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