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Best Windscreen Wiper Blades: Ultimate Guide

Windscreen Wipers

UNIWIPER offer the best Wiper Blades in Australia. Driving in the rain when your wipers are ineffective will ruin your day and leave you with a filthy windscreen. Fortunately, you won’t ever have to be concerned about insufficient wiping power. Your problems are ended if your car has UNIWIPER wiper blades! These premium blades provide the best cleanliness while making the least noise. In order to ensure that you are prepared for any weather circumstances that may arise, we have listed the benefits of UNIWIPER wipers for Australian conditions.


1) Superb aerodynamics. You don’t have to worry about any chatter at highway speeds because of their modest super low profile. Everyone else talks about theirs being low profile but you dont experience the best until you try our blades. Additionally, under fast and windy situations, this makes the wipe even smoother. Regardless of wind speed or lack thereof, the wipe remains constant.

Types of Rubber

2) Rubber of Superior Quality. Due to the tried-and-true substance used by UNIWIPER, smearing and streaking are a thing of the past. UNIWIPER, an Australian-owned business, is aware of the circumstances and has produced goods in accordance with them. These blades won’t degrade in extreme heat, cold, rain, or storms when you least expect it. Just keep them maintained well and you’ll make good use out of them.


3) Backed by extensive experience working directly with the consumer. Considering UNIWIPER has been producing wiper blades for a long time, you can be sure that they have been tried and true. All UNIWIPER wiper blades are QC verified in the most demanding conditions prior to release and are altered as necessary.

Made for every car

4) Made for every vehicle. You might think blades are generic, but we’ve taken the next approach and we customise blades so they are suited for your vehicle properly and cover every vehicle on the road today. UNIWIPER blades come in a wide range of sizes and configurations that make them suitable for all passenger cars, trucks, and buses. The selection includes wiper blades that precisely fit your vehicle, look fantastic, feel great, and are likely to increase the value of your automobile if you ever decide to sell it.

Most trusted wipers

5) Trusted by Professionals and Workshops. Australia-wide specialty mechanical workshops rely on the UNIWIPER brand when servicing their clients cars and to avoid any middlemen, you can buy directly through our UNIWIPER online store.

Recent years have seen considerable advancements in wiper technology and UNIWIPER has been on the forefront of these advances. There are now windscreen wipers available that will keep your car, van, or truck dry and clean even during the hardest downpours. For you to see properly while driving, its crucial to see where your going, a wiper conducts its duty by moving water out of your range of vision. We take the stress out of buying wiper blades, just select your vehicle and buy.